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File #:B9860

Name:Butler, Norman


See also:D2445 - Dautrich, Fred L

General Information:

Norman Butler contacted CMH in 1967 and introduced himself as a cellist interested in joining the CAS

and explaining his conection with the violin family of instruments developed by Fred Dautrich. He had

helped demonstrate these, and the file contains a photo of his playing the "vilonia" in 1938. Over the next

20 years he visited CMH on occasion, and he also participated in a concert in which he demonstrated a

tenor from the Hutchins Violin Octet.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1967-1987) with CMH - mainly on vilonia of Dautrich. Also, letter from son, Tim, to

CMH expressing interest in a cello and in learning violin making.

Key Words:Dautrich vilonia

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