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Name:Boomsliter, Paul C


See also:C9135 - Creel, Warren.

General Information:

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, SUNY Albany and

Research Associate Professor, Albany Medical College. PhD University of Wisconsin in 1942. Central

nervous system identification of speech and other acoustical stimuli, particularly interested in the

patterning element in the perception of notes and musical sequences. With Warren Creel, Paul

developed a "chord organ" with several frequencies on each tone and got musicians to play different

types of melodies, picking out the tunings best suited to the character of the music. He did early work on

the preprocessing of signals by the brain and the effects of this on musical listening, and such findings as

Saunders reported that, when having three violins played behind a screen, it was always the second one

played that was preferred by the listeners.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1967-1990) between Boomsliter and CMH until his death in 1989; afterward with

his wife Pat. Miscellaneous: Draft of obit by his daughter; cards & wedding announcement.

Key Words:


Technical: 12 publications, drafts and a grant proposal (1961-1975). Most are co-authored with

Warren Creel; See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Auditory perception | metrical rhythym | theory of melody | hearing.

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