B4560 - 104: Benade, Arthur H.

TECHNICAL SUMMARY - Unpublished Work

  1. Studies in the physical acoustics of musical instruments [729 KB, PDF], Fall, 1963.
  2. An informal preliminary report on the acoustics of brass instrument bores, April, 1967.
  3. Oscillations in clarinet-like systems [1.176 MB, PDF], April, 1969.
  4. Some acoustical data on clarinets [1.48 MB, PDF], February, 1970.
  5. On radiation from a fiddle-box as it is influenced by the main air resonance [126 KB, PDF], May, 1972.
  6. A hasty outline of a nonlinear theory of bow-and-string oscillations, November, 1972.
  7. Draft: Chapter 9, Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics. The vibrations of membranes and plates (drumheads and soundboards), 1974/1975.
  8. On the use of a drive line between driver coil and a fiddle bridge [198 KB, PDF], 7/26/77.
  9. On electrodynamic driving of a vibration experiment [359 KB, PDF], 7/26/77.
  10. On fiddle string resonances and their excitation [724 KB, PDF], 9/21/77.
  11. Woodwind tone production: A joint enterprise of the instrument's air column and the player's windway, 1 l/83.