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Name:Benade, Arthur Henry


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General Information:

Professor at Case-Western Reserve for many years; Recipient of the Silver Medal of the Acoustical

Society of America (1985) for "Pioneering research on the acoustics of brass and woodwind instruments

and for leadership of a generation of musical acousticians" and the Gold Medal (1988) for "pioneering

work in the science and art of musical acoustics, emphasizing the interactions among performer,

instrument and listener." He was Vice-President of the ASA 74-75. In addition to his many papers in

JASA, Art wrote two highly influential books: "Horns Strings and Harmony" (Dover,1960) and

"Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics." (Oxford 1976) He was a long-time member of the CAS and

President 1969-72, and responsible for much of the thinking and progress in research of the Society. For

many years he worked closely with J.C. Schelleng and C.M. Hutchins developing new theories and

concepts in violin acoustics. See bio. in CASJ and his full files as part of this archive.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1961-1987) Principally CMH and AHB. Includes papers by others as enclosures

requesting comment by one or other. (e.g. on vibrations of violin bridge by Rafferty and Lee);

references to Nagavary (N1528) and Skudrzyk (S6295); copies of letters to AHB from JCS.

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Miscellaneous: AHB cv; book reviews by JCS of Benades book `Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics'

from JASA 1977 and CASNL #26, 11/76; review in CASJ 1.7, 5/91, by G Weinreich of its

republication by Dover Press; CAS records as distributor; Programs from Case Institute Centennial

Exhibit of flutes from the collections of Dayton C Miller and Benade; materials leading to election of

AHB as fellow of ASA and recipient of both the ASA Silver and Gold Medal Awards; biographical

and obituary material; cards and communications from family of AHB - wife Virginia, son Martin, and

daughter Judi.

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Technical: Lists of publications and abstracts for AHB; 27 papers from 1959-1986.

Key Words:Woodwinds, room acoustics, pipe organs; brass;


Technical: 13 unpublished papers (1963-83).

Key Words:Violin acoustics; clarinets;


Technical: Course syllabus in musical acoustics from Case Western Reserve University 1965-73.

Key Words:Musical acoustics


Miscellaneous Technical File: Slides for paper 16 in file 103; tape recording of clarinets; summary

report of tech meeting at 112 Essex in Montclair; misc handwritten tech notes; viola analysis.

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