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File #:B4270

Name:Beldie, Ion Paul

Dates:b. 1935

See also:G4125 - Ghelmeziu.

General Information:

Physicist, a native of Romania, MS from University of Bucharest, Doctor of Engineering under L.

Cremer at the Heinreich Hertz Institute, Berlin. Especially interested in wood technology and musical

acoustics, Beldie's work includes studies on the Chladni patterns in violin plates as well as the

characteristics of resonance spruces related to the criteria needed for violins. He also studied the low

frequency radiation of the violin (see Benchmark Vols. 5 and 6 and CASNL).

File Contents:


Correspondence: between CMH and Beldie (1965-1991); from Kathie Hildebrand (cousin of Beldie)

to CMH.

Key Words:


Miscellaneous: biog material on Beldie and N. Ghelmeziu.

Key Words:


Technical: 4 papers from 1968-1974 + 1975 Doctoral thesis with 2 English translations of #2. See

Tech Summary.

Key Words:Chladni patterns | Eigenmodes of plates | Shear modulus in spruce | Resonance spruce

| Sound radiation

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