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File #:B2470

Name:Barducci, Italo

Dates:b. 1917

See also:P2840 - Pasqualini, G.

General Information:

Physicist working in many fields of acoustics at the Instituto di Acustics O.M. Corbino of the Italian

National Research Council, starting in 1943, whose findings are contained in 65 papers. His primary

connection to musical acoustics is his collaboration with G. Pasqualini on the first definitive study of

wood for violins "Misura dell' attrito interno e della constanti elastiche del legno" which can be found in

Benchmark Papers in Acoustics v 5, Dowden Hutchinson and Ross 1975.

File Contents:


Miscellaneous: (4) Biog; Correspondence: between CMH and Barducci (2:1972-1974); Tech paper on

wood with Pasqualini (partial translation). See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Wood

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