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Name:Backhaus, Hermann


See also:A7670 - Arns, Ulrich; M5140 - Meinel, Hermann.

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Worked in Germany for many years on the acoustics of the violin, first at Greifswald and later at the

Technische Hocschule in Karlsruhe. His unique contribution was the first mapping of the vibrational

modes of the arched top and back of the violin, vibrated with an automatic bowing device at main

resonance frequencies. His most important conclusion was that a strong tendency exists among the best

instruments for the inward and outward motions of the top and back plates to be in phase over a large

area of the violin at some frequency near 700 Hz. At lower frequencies he found far more subdivisions

to occur. Backhaus' pioneering work together with that of his student, Hermann Meinel, has provided

investigators with much basic information. See Backhaus papers in Benchmark Papers in Acoustics,

Volume 6, Dowden Hutchinson and Ross 1976.

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Correspondence: (3) about Backhaus (1972-1973); to & from Springer-Verlag and CMH; from

Hermann Meinel to CMH (translated by J.C. Schelleng)

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Miscellaneous: (2) Obituary notice of Backhaus (1958); other miscellaneous biographical material.

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Technical: 9 papers from 1925-1938; some have abstracts. See Tech Summary.

Key Words:Bowed string | Wolf-tone | Radiation properties | Nodal patterns | Violin acoustics

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