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Name:Applebaum, Samuel


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A famous string instrument pedagog, known throughout the USA and abroad, who gave hundreds of

string clinics, many of them sponsored by the American String Teachers Association, largely for

teachers and high school students. With the help of his wife, Sada, Applebaum published manuals for

string teachers and orchestra directors "Building Better Strings and Orchestras", "Applebaum String

Method", "The Best of Sevcik", etc. For a biography, see included article "Teacher's Teacher", American

String Teacher 1969. He is best known to musicians for the series of books "With the Artists" by

Samuel and Sada Applebaum, John Markert, N.Y. (Also, "The Way They Play"). The Applebaums lived

in Maplewood, not far from Montclair. We saw quite a bit of them and they were always most

supportive and helpful in publicizing the CAS. Their son is Michael Tree of the Guarneri Quartet.

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Correspondence: (1957-1976) with CMH. Some letters by his wife Sada. Miscellaneous: News

clipping, ASTA magazine article, & String Tones Tribute to Applebaum.

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Publications: Tutors in string playing (5) and assorted publishers' flyers to works by Applebaum (one

of the flyers is for joint publication with his wife, Sada).

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