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File #:A5520

Name:Anderson, Walter F

Dates:b. 1915 -

See also:A6320 - Antioch College; H5765 - Hertzberg; V9458 - von Gierke; N2781 - NEA.

General Information:

A pianist and organist (F.A.G.O.) and a composer with a wide experience in teaching music to various

groups (see bio). He was much interested in the work of the CAS and the development of the Octet

instruments. At the time he worked with us he was Director of Music at Antioch College. He

participated in a grant proposal to N.S.F. with H.T.E. Hertzberg and H. von Gierke for "Applying

acoustical physics to the construction of stringed instruments" which was not funded. Subsequently

Andy was made Director of Music Programs for the National Endowment for the Arts (1968).

File Contents:


Correspondence: with CMH 1966 - 1972; Newsclip on appointment as Dir. of Music Programs for

NEA 1968; Vita; an NSF grant proposal for violin making at Antioch College.

Key Words:NSF Grant proposal

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