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File #:A2775

Name:Agren, Carl Hugo

Dates:b. 1931

See also:S8415 - Stetson, Karl A.

General Information:

A Swedish engineer who has worked with the instruments of the viol family for many years. He

developed and made a slightly enlarged version of the treble viol. In the process of this he worked with

K.A. Stetson on the interferometric holograms of the viol plates, braces and all, photos of which are in

the file. See the JASA paper on this. He also developed a moire method of visualizing the arching

contours of viol and violin plates which can be quite helpful in getting the arches symmetrical. See

CASNL article on this.

File Contents:


Miscellaneous: biographical sketches, transcription of an interview with Agren (1969).

Key Words:


Correspondence: (1966-1982) mainly with CMH.

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Technical: 8 papers from 1969-1976; 4 papers, 3 drafts, and 1 magazine article (1969). See Tech


Key Words:Hologram interferometry | Electronic plate tuning | Technology and viols | Resonance


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