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Name:Abbott, John A


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John Abbott, a chemical engineer, known for his role in development of food freeze-drying processes,

introduced himself to CMH after reading her first article in Scientific American. As an active amateur

violin maker, he subsequently obtained her advice on plate tuning & the use of willow for liners in the

instruments he was constructing. He and his wife, Doris, were good friends of the bowmaker, John

Bollander, with the result that his interests shifted to research on bows. This activity led to the articles

included herein, final preparations for which were assisted by his son as he raced against time in his fight

against terminal cancer.

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Correspondence: (1962-1990) between CMH and John & wife Doris. Miscellaneous: Newspaper


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Technical: Manuscripts regarding papers on John Bollander; includes correspondence regarding

publication in CASJ and to Bollander from Abbotts.

Key Words:Bow dynamics; Bollander, John; Mahogany for frogs

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