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Name:New Hampshire, U of - Violin Institute


See also:H1760 - Hall, Harry

General Information:

This files contains correspondence on, a proposal for the formation of, and descriptive info on the Violin

Institute at UNH. It resulted from CMH's observation that violin makers in NH needed help. She went

first to Strawberry Banke, a non-profit historic area emphasizing arts & crafts, to see if this could be a

source of assistance. Further investigation of possible sources led to Harry Hall, who had been a

graduate student with FA Saunders at Harvard and was at that point head of the Physics Dept at UNH.

He visited CMH at Lake Winnepasaukee, where they did the original planning for a facility at UNH.

This idea took hold and the Institute began, in the summer of 1974, offering courses in violin making and

repair under the leadership of Karl Roy. The faculty later included Hans Nebel, Arnold Bone, William

Salchow and others. It has continued to the present. In the summers of 1978 through 1980 CMH

provided 1 to 3-day seminars in Violin Acoustics.

File Contents:


Correspondence: (1972-1990) involving mainly Edward J Durnall, Gary C Ensign, H H Hall and

CMH. Some corresp with Stuart Langton, Karl Roy and others. Includes two versions of the proposal

to found the School. (See H1760 - Hall, Harry for earlier correspondence)

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Miscellaneous: (1972 - 1992) Course announcements, news clippings, brochures, campus information.

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Miscellaneous: Summer Workshops 1978 - 1980: Notes, some financial records, possible essay

questions and course outline, lists of registered students, correspondence with students, completed

registration forms and course announcements for seminars in violin acoustics given by CMH at the

Violin Institute.

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