Scaling Woodwinds to a New Pitch (Tuning and Tone Color)   28 pp
  1. On scaling a woodwind to a new pitch [242 KB, DjVu], 5-4-72.  9 pp
  2. B. On scaling a recorder to a new pitch, July 1972.  3 pp
  3. C. On scaling an oboe to a new pitch, August 1977.  4 pp
  4. D. Scaling a reed woodwind to a new pitch, 12-12-77.  6 pp
  5. E. Scaling a woodwind to a new pitch, version 2, 12-12-77.  3 pp
  6. To transpose the proportions of a nonmechanized woodwind to a new playing pitch (typed except for a sketch to help define terminology), 6-27-86.  3 pp