Brass Instruments--Reprints and other stuff     124 pp total

1. Boosey & Hawkes report no. 2, "Valve systems for Brass Instruments," 1/1/57. 9 pp

2. Boosey & Hawkes, "Report on Tone Projection Relative to Bell Front and Upright Bell Instruments," F. C. Draper, Designing Engineer, Besson & Company, 6/24/57. 4 pp

3. "Ermittlung der Naturtonlagen bei Metallblasinstrumenten," E. Lieber, Hochfrequenztechnik u. Elektroakustik 69 1:29-35 (1960). 7 pp

4. "The Trumpets of Tut-ankh-amen and Their Successors," P. R. Kirby, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, [1948], pp 33-45; probably sent to AHB in 1962 with a letter. 14 pp

5. 5 pages by AHB that were clipped to Kirby's "Trumpets of Tut-ankh-amen" paper: graph, handout from Fall '59 on perturbation theory, 2 pages of diagrams (front and back of a page); page of figuring based on Kirby's remarks on kettledrums in a letter of 1/28/62; graph showing fm/Fc as an oboe approximation and a clarinet approximation, probable date, 1962. 5 pp

6. "Eine enharmonische Trompete," Martin Vogel, Das Orchester vol. 2 (1964). 5 pp

7. Letter, AHB to R. W. Young, 2/27/64: comments on article by Young, "Optimum Lengths of Valve-tubes for Brass Wind Instruments"; includes photocopy of chart-recording of "New superior line of Conn" from E. L. Kent, 2/24/61, with added comments by AHB. 5 pp

8. Letter, AHB to R. W. Young: includes how to measure effective length of brasses, effects of valves on tuning, and coupling of modes, 3/9/64. 3 pp

9. "Objektive Untersuchungsmethoden bei Metallblasinstrumenten," Walther Krüger, Das Musikinstrument 3:459-462 (1968). 4 pp

10. 3 pages of writing and calculations on measuring of brass instrument(s), 12/23/69. 3 pp

11. Letter, AHB to W. T. Cardwell: discusses AHB's work with woodwinds and brasses at the time of active development of measurement techniques; has many references to the people he was working with and his writings around this time, 7/2/70. 6 pp

12. 7 pages concerned with trumpet measurements: calculations, measurements of instrument and mouthpiece, and a graph are included, November 1970 . 7 pp

13. "Methode zur Stimmungskorrektur von Blasinstrumenten," W. Krüger, Hochfrequenztechnik u. Elektroakustik 80 2:63-70 (1971). 8 pp

14. "Objektive Prüfung der Stimmung von Blechblasinstrumenten," K. Wogram and J. Meyer, Das Musikinstrument 9:1136-1140 (1973). 5 pp

15. "Input impedance curves for the brass instruments," John Backus, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 60(2):470-480 (1976). 11 pp

16. "Practical Physics for Trumpeters and Teachers, Renold O. Schilke, The Instrumentalist pp. 45-48 (April 1977). 4 pp

17. "How to Test a Good Trumpet," by AHB, The Instrumentalist pp. 57-58 (April 1977). 2 pp

18. Meredith open-tone cornet, ser. #192, Marion, OH, Pats. pend.: instrument pictured by being laid on a photocopier, July 1978. 5 pp

19. "Trills," Cherry Beauregard, T.U.B.A. J., 7(3):7-8 (winter 1980). 2 pp

20. 2 graphs on full log 3 x 3 cycles paper of a trumpet mandrel #9001-1 and a large- bore tenor trombone mandrel #9101-2 (source, George McCracken) and an x-y plot with 9 curves, at n = 1 to 9. n.d. 3 pp

21. Postcard (promotional), Conn Fiberglass Sousaphone, model 36K. 1 p

22. Pp. 182-183 of Horns, Strings, and Harmony, AHB, with some notations for corrections for a planned revised edition. n.d. 1 p

23. Chart-recorder trace of a B-flat natural French horn. n.d. 1 p

24. Reflection coefficient for a trumpet bell for which the peak-to-dip ratio falls exponentially: handwritten equations, simple graph, and calculations. n.d. 2 pp

25. 3 pages on measuring and calculating a resonator. n.d. 3 pp

26. Shop blueprints of brass instruments, with pertinent measurements. Included are a trumpet, a bass trombone, a bass trombone bell, and a large-bore tenor trombone (source: George McCracken). n.d. 4 oversized (24" x 36") pp