Oboe design for George Jameson* (104 pp)
  1. Sent by George H. Jameson (GHJ) to AHB, April 1971, 7 pp:
  2. Letter, GHJ to AHB, 8-15-72, with discussion of key mechanisms and reamers. Also included are detailed measurements and graphs of two plastic oboes, a Bundy and a Larilee.  9 pp
  3. Computations (1972) by AHB based on GHJ's oboe measurements of Loree conservatory oboe F26. Marked 'Very crude numbers.' 2 pp
  4. Preliminary sketch of design for Jameson's oboe, 2/9/74, 2/10/74, 3/24/74, with an additional 2 pp of design work, undated. 20 pp
  5. Letter, AHB to GHJ, 2-11-74, on oboe design. plus xerox of prototype of the Benade conical Boehm flute, begun about 3 wks earlier (referred to in letter). 3 pp
  6. Interpolation formulas for oboe design, based on 2-9-74, 3-12-74, and 3-24-74 calculations, 2 pp
  7. Second approximation to oboe, 3-24-74, measurements and calculations. 6 pp
  8. Fox oboe tube experiments, 6-4-74, 5 pp
  9. Revision of tone-hole position from 2nd approximation of 3-24-74, dated 6-4-74, 4 pp
  10. Fox tube oboe, tone-hole size and placement details and some playing observations, 6-5-75, 3 pp
  11. Tests of the intonation of several notes on Jameson's oboe design, 6-6-74, 6-7-74, 1 p
  12. Smoothed second revision of oboe tone-hole positions, 6-9-74, 4 pp
  13. Measurements and two graphs, June 1974, 3 pp
  14. Group of pages from George H. Jameson's files about the oboe design project. Pages that duplicate material in Benade's file have been removed. 35 pp
    *Note. This file represents a joint project of A H Benade and George H Jameson.  It consists of all the material originally in AHB's file augmented by GHJ's file of the same name. Duplicate pages were eliminated.  The final group of pages are from the GHJ file (minus duplicates); they are mostly undated and presumably show the work as it was in progress.