Oboe Bore Measurements and Miscellaneous Calculations (85 pp)
  1. For a cone, probably from around October 1963; Design of oboe tube; untitled (2 pages on oversized paper). 8 pp
  2. Perturbation weight function for frustrated [both puns were intended] cone, See Benade, J Acoust Soc Am 32, 1591-1608 (1960), eqs. 17c and 19c as extended, probably spring 1967, 2 pp; Perturbation theory; weight-functions for frustrum of a cone, 2-13-67, 2 pp; Frustrated conical bore perturbation, 4-8-66, 2 pp. total, 6 pp
  3. Hole calculations for an oboe, Nederveen, C. J., and de Bruijn, A.,  Acustica 18 (1) 47-57, 1967.  11 pp
  4. Junction of cone and cylinder, 3-14-69, theoretical calculations.  2 pp
  5. Loose graphs, probably all from 1969, about effect of bore perturbations in a cone. 6 pp
  6. Chopped-off cone, 2-28-70, 3 pp theory, 2 pp graphs.  5 pp
  7. Some plausible cones for reamers, calculations based on Tabuteau's Loree, a Cabart and a Kohlert, 5-24-70; Oboe reamers, first go-around, sketches and measurements; undated. 5 pp
  8. Resonance curves for a Strasser Oboe from Brigham Young University: report sent to William Strong (BYU Univ), dated 7-7-70, by Benade with M. D. Benade (his 16-yr-old son). This is a badly yellowed copy made by Strong (because Benade mailed his only copy), with Strong's address stamped on many of the pages. 5 pp text, 13 resonance curves. 12 pp
  9. Program in Fortran to calculate the frequencies of a truncated cone with a cavity at the small end (with Michel Chotteau, if IRCAM, Paris) 12-10-70. This is the 2nd version (1st version does not exist), and there are 5 different 'tries.' 25 pp
  10. On oboe bore perturbations, 5-24-71.  1 p
  11. Qualitative corrections from oboe, 6-1-71, and undated rough sketch and graph of first 3 modes that may not be related.  4 pp