Loree Oboe     19 pp

1. Widely spaced measurements of a Loree oboe, about 1959. 1 p

2. Graph of 4 Loree oboe bells (in order of quality), September 1969: Tabuteau. with Floyd bell; AI-76 Tabuteau bell (source: J. C. Stavash); BR-61, with F. Kraus bell before reaming; AR-51 (source: Shaker Hgts High School. Data details for these graphed measurements are included, plus another graph showing several of the above-listed bells. 6 pp

3. AE-79 sax-fingering Loree oboe and FF-26 conservatory Loree, as measured by George Jameson, April 1971. 1 p

4. Comparison of 4 oboe bores (reed box length subtracted of a Loree sax-fingered oboe, a Loree conservatory oboe, a Lorilee plastic body oboe, and a new Bundy plastic body oboe) as measured by George Jameson, April 1971. 1 p

5. Comparisons of 3 oboe bores (Gower's BI-72 Loree (brighter sound), S. Mississippi U. BA-40 Loree (darker sound), and Susan Fox's 2334 Lorilee, from Alan Fox, 5/7/71. 3 oversize pp (6 xeroxed pp)

6. Two graphs plotted by J. Gebler of Gower's BI-92 oboe: bell, 5/25/71; overall, August 71. 3 pp

7. Measurements (taken by J. Gebler) superimposed on sketch of oboe, showing both FF-26 oboe hole sizes from Jameson, and BI-92 oboe hole sizes from Alan Fox, 9/13/71. 1 p

8. Measurements (taken by J. Gebler) in greater detail than those of 9/13/71, superimposed on sketch of oboe for the BI- 92 oboe, Gebler, probably fall 1971. 1 p

9. Tabuteau's oboe, marked Property of "M Tabuteau Philadelphia Orchestra" AI-76, measured by AHB while oboe was borrowed from John C. Stavash September 5, 1969, during and after Stavash's repair of bell. Bell (and probably oboe) owned by Roland Floyd. (AHB had borrowed the bell from Floyd, to make a reamer with which he modified bell BR-61 for Felix Kraus of the Cleveland Orchestra. The bell had been made for Tabuteau from a Marigaux, and was later carved on by Tabuteau). Measurements (2 pp), 9/5/69; graph of oboe and its bell 9/27/71. 3 pp

10. Graph (very pale) of bore measurements of the BI-92 and AI-76 oboes plus the Uebel oboe. n.d., but probably September 71. 1 p