Double-Reed "Equivalent Volume" and Related Experiments     57 pp

1. "The Source Spectrum of Double-Reed Wood-Wind Instruments" (on the work of Frasse Fransson): pages from STL-QPSR 4/1966, published by Music Acoustics section, KTH, Stockholm, text and graphs, April 1966. 7 pp

2. Oboe Reed Equivalent Volumes calculations, sketches, measurements, 9/13/71. 4 pp

3. Relation of the "Equivalent Volume" of an oboe reed to the admittance of the truncated position of an oboe cone, looking into its open end: equations, data, and calculations, 9/27/71. 3 pp

4. Reed System Equivalent Volumes:calculations, 10/3/71. 2 pp

5. Chart- recorder traces: Vienna staple and socket plus tubes 4, 3, 2, and 1; mike cavity resonance frequency with Vienna staple and socket; Vienna staple and socket plus tubes 7, 6, and 5, 10/30/71. 8 pp

6. Notes by Gebler: 12/8/71. 2 pp

7. Comparison of a Cavity and a Resonator as the Top End of a Cone: equations, calculations, and sketches,  August 22 and 23, 1972. 7 pp

8. Group of single pages in folder: September 1971 to August 1972. 13 pp

9. 5 graphs concerned with equivalent volume: sketch of cone and other shapes plus calculations, including soprano sax equivalent mouthpiece volume and Vienna oboe, Paulhahn Baroque oboe, and Vienna oboe reeds vs. frequency, October 17-19, 1973. 5 pp

10. Resonances of a Cone with Modified Cavity and Construction, with handwritten remark added, "This is not a very efficient exposition--perhaps get some useful numbers," 1/1/78. 9 pp