Elementary Notes on Oboe Acoustics, 1970-1983     91 pp plus brochure (33 pp, or 17 xeroxed pp)

1. Notes on fingering and reedmaking for an early 19th-century oboe, July 1970, with remarks by Paul Hailperin appended June 1971; an abridged fingering chart for the Vienna oboe is included.  7 pp

2. Properties of an air column with open tone holes, 8/6/72, incl 2 figs and a poor photocopy of a page titled Effect of the baffle on sound quality, 4/27/71, using a normal and a modified mouthpiece on a B-flat tenor saxophone.  12 pp

3. Graph of mode-1 and mode-2 pressure standing waves in cylinders and cones, with 1 p of measurements, 8/8/72.  2 pp

4. On irregular tone-hole lattices, fork fingerings, and related matters, incl 2 figs, September 1972.  14 pp

5. Graph of modes 1 and 2 of a cone with various vent holes, with data and calculations, 8/30/72.  6 pp

6. The register hole problem: Cooperation and anticooperation of a reed with several air column modes, incl 1 fig, November 1972.  7 pp

7. "The Baroque Oboe Reed-- One Approach," Kenneth L. Taylor, 1/4/74.  Typescript of an article published (later) in the Journal of the International Double Reed Society (J IDRS, no. 2 (1974), p. 38, with a letter of transmittal to AHB from the author.  Sent at the request of Jürg Schaeftlein, it says the article is a description of the way Schaeftlein makes reeds.  The published version is available at IDRS JNL2.  9 pp

8. Letters, Nora Post to AHB, 1/12/79 and AHB to Nora Post, 3/1/79, on reeds for early oboes.  5 pp

9. Oboe experiments, handwritten notes and measurements, 4/19/81.  2 pp

10. Oboe experiments, 1 p marked through with notation "not right," the other presumably all right, 9/24/80 and 9/25/80.  4 pp

11. Letter, Ken Decker to AHB, on reeds, September 1981.  3 pp

12. "Oboe normal mode adjustment via reed and staple proportioning," A. H. Benade and W. Bruce Richards, J Acoust Soc Am 73(5), May 1983.  10 pp

13. H. & A. Selmer brochure, "teacher's guide to the oboe," Paul R. Lehman, 1965, rev. 1967.  33 narrow-format pp, or 17 xerox pp

14. Extracts from two C. G. Conn brochures by Arthur Soam Best: "The Oboe and English Horn," pp 6-8 and "The Bassoon," pp 4-10; both extracts deal with reeds and their adjustment; 1959.  10 pp