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Items in this section have begun to arrive at CCRMA, though most are still in Cleveland.  Those that are available at MARL are highlighted, with the link leading to a description of what is in the folder.  Following a link may also reveal that part or all of the contents of a file folder are available for download as pdf, html, or DjVu files.  Note that one may request that such a version be created.

Acoustical theory

  1. Woodwind BOIK ['Book of Infinite Knowledge'--misc. accumulated by AHB]
  2. Scaling woodwinds to a new pitch
  3. A pipe with many side holes: calculations, 1955-1958
  4. Perturbations of classical systems
  5. Mathematical theory of woodwind fingerholes: notes, abstract, news release, October 1959
  6. New impedance head--winter 72/73
  7. Bore and tonehole perturbation methods
  8. Perturbation curves for woodwinds
  9. Perturbation curves for brasses
  10. Bore perturbation in cones
  11. Brass instrument regeneration
  12. Wind instruments, miscellaneous notes
  13. Sounds with multiple parentage
  14. The tacet horn--design and properties
  15. On tone holes
  16. Register holes--theory and design
  17. Cutoff frequencies on woodwinds
  18. Manuscript-in-process example
  19. Fiddle spectrum shifts
  20. Spectral similarities of 'most useful' musical instrument sounds
  21. Spectrum transformation function
  22. Discrete spectrum measurements in rooms--calculations, data, and manuscript drafts
  23. Auditory system coding seminars--9 Sept and 16 Sept 1985
  24. AHB, perception miscellaneous, 1978.
  25. Perception effects for 'real' musical sounds in rooms, 1981
  26. Ms and calculations for resonance absorption cross-section paper
  27. More resonance absorption MS stuff
  28. Photocopy of part of Mahillon, Instruments à vent, for external surface absorption paper
  29. Wind instrument patents
  30. Reprints: historical instruments and instrumental acoustics
  31. Serial numbers, dates, makers, styles, miscellany
  32. Instrument dimensions
  33. Blueprints (bassoon, oboe, clarinet)
  34. Reprints (music-related)
  35. Unsorted references and reprints
  36. Fingering charts of all sorts
  37. Flute fingerings


  1. Clarinet mouthpieces
  2. Clarinets I--older stuff
  3. Clarinets II--bore and hole measurements, positions of resonances, bore perturbations
  4. Clarinets III--published stuff and misc. calculations
  5. Dimensions, etc., of clarinet-type reeds, also "reed fixing"
  6. AHB's Buffet A and B-flat clarinets, also Buffet bass clarinet
  7. Marigaux clarinets, fall 1972
  8. Resnick (SIU) clarinet modifications
  9. Selmer B-flat Albert-system clarinet
  10. Oehler-system clarinet
  11. E. J. Albert clarinets
  12. Moennig C clarinet (Boehm, German made, modified by AHB)
  13. Noblet clarinet, reworked, 9909
  14. Boosey & Hawkes, No. 236498 clarinet (was Reginald Kell's), tonehole and bore measurements
  15. George Plasko clarinet modification
  16. E-flat clarinet--Boehm
  17. AHB's LeBlanc B-flat clarinets (also alto E-flat and bass B-flat)
  18. NX experimental clarinet, Benade, 1981
  19. NX A clarinet, May 1985
  20. NX clarinet presentation--ASA Cincinnati
  21. Jameson's NX notes
  22. Semi-empirical clarinet spectrum, August 1986i
  23. D'Almaine C clarinet
  24. Gentellet B-flat clarinet
  25. Bilton C clarinet
  26. Gerock boxwood clarinet, tonehole and bore measurements
  27. Boxwood clarinet, misc.
  28. Benade MM clarinet--plans for dogwood old-style clarinet


  1. Saxophones
  2. Saxophone mouthpieces
  3. The "cylindrical saxophone," January 1972
  4. Gebler-Benade saxophone design, June 1972


  1. Double reed "equivalent volume" and related experiments
  2. Oboes--bore measurements and miscellaneous calculations
  3. Elementary notes on oboe acoustics, summer 1972 (for Philip Bate, etc.
  4. Oboe reeds, etc. (teaching and commercial misc.)
  5. Oboe design for George Jameson
  6. Thibouville English horn (Loree Z-62) (M. Wright)
  7. Baroque oboe--Benade, Greenberg 1977
  8. Vienna oboes
  9. Bischoff oboe, 1811
  10. Floth oboe
  11. Paulhahn baroque oboe
  12. Triebert Boehm oboe
  13. Oboe d'amore, Eichentopf (copy by Paul Hailperin was made from these sketches)
  14. Quasi-Baroque oboe, design sketches
  15. Classical venting Boehm-fingered oboe
  16. German oboe (from Karl Grimm)
  17. J. C. Denner tenor oboe
  18. English oboes
  19. Old horns Collier and Kuesder
  20. Strasser oboe (BYU)
  21. Loree oboe
  22. Cabart oboe
  23. Gordet oboe (M. Wright)
  24. Kohlert oboe (DCM's) Kohlert conservatory oboe, No. 260580
  25. Uebel oboe
  26. English horn, Loree Z62


  1. Sarrusophone, Cuesnon No. 28107
  2. Fox bassoon tube
  3. Fischer bassoon, modified
  4. Bassoons I--measurements and misc. calculations before John Patterson (except Marzoli-Boehm)
  5. Bassoons II--with John Patterson (except Marzoli-Boehm)
  6. Bassoons III--on the Marzoli-Boehm and related material
  7. Bassoons IV--Heckel bassoons
  8. Heckel miscellaneous from Franz Groffy, 1969
  9. Bassoon impedance head and bocal material
  10. Robert Cronin's "early classical" bassoon
  11. Wietfelt Baroque bassoon (Goslee)
  12. Dick Lottridge's Baroque bassoon
  13. Millhouse Baroque bassoon (Waterhouse)
  14. Zoltan Lukacs bassoon, summer 1984...
  15. Buffet bassoons
  16. Giles Brindley's logical bassoon
  17. Tone quality--single-reed mouthpieces on the oboe, bassoon
  18. R. N. Hartjes (thesis)
  19. Bassoon, Schreiber No. 28304


  1. Flute fingerings collected
  2. Flute, open holes
  3. Flute embouchure, length corrections
  4. Flute experiments, November 1965, data reduction
  5. Flute tone color, started March 1, 1964
  6. Flute intonation notes and correspondence with J. French
  7. Input Z at flute embouchure hole
  8. Flute misc. calculations (old stuff mostly)
  9. Flute headjoint taper perturbations, data and calculations
  10. Fulton Wright's data (May 18-July 7, 1972), flutes
  11. Flute-type regeneration
  12. Flutes--misc.
  13. Flute dimensions and resonance measurements
  14. Formal design and jigs for cone Boehm flute (April 1974...)
  15. Design of a conical Boehm flute, spring 1973
  16. A 415 traverso, summer 1978
  17. A 440 simplified traverso ("ST" flute), summer 1983
  18. BCB [Baroque conical Boehm] flute, production misc., with George Jameson, summer 1983...
  19. GL ['Gentle Lark'] flute in E-flat
  20. TC-1 and TC-2 flute design and experiments
  21. TC-3 flute MC flute (8-key), design 1984...
  22. Misc. flute-related pictures (DCM) Miller collection flutes--fall 1980
  23. The Murray flute (including Cooper's scale)
  24. Alto flute modification (Armstrong)
  25. Boehm and Mendler 1832-type flute, DCM 654, Woodell, etc., term paper
  26. Kohlert reform flute
  27. Claire Godfroy conical Boehm flute (No. 1954) and anonymous conical Boehm Thibouville cone Boehm flute (Alex Murray's measurements by George Jameson)
  28. Stanesby-Coolsma traverso, corrected AHB, December 1977
  29. George Haynes flute
  30. Meinl piccolo rework
  31. Hotteterre-Skowronek traverso, S. L., corrected AHB (Bob Willoughby)
  32. R. C. 1967-model flute, repair sketches
  33. Rittershausen flute, No. 2302
  34. Rudall Carte Guards' Model Flute
  35. No. 1255 Theobald Boehm, No. 56 (Giuseppe Di Giugno), 1979
  36. Boehm & Mendler flute (AHB)
  37. Boehm & Mendler flute

Brass Instruments

  1. Brass instruments, reprints, etc.
  2. Brass instrument mouthpieces
  3. Baroque D trumpet spectra (with Schlueter)
  4. Trumpet spectrum measurements (Selmer B-flat)
  5. Keyed bugle
  6. Jehring baritone
  7. H. N. White cornet
  8. E-flat alto horn resonances
  9. King tuba, No. 2341, 1981--
  10. French horns
  11. Menke F trumpet (gebr. Alexander, Mainz)
  12. Fransson, Jansson, ionophone
  13. Trumpet resonance curves Tarr, Cardwell
  14. Batsford--trumpet stuff

Other instruments

  1. Shakuhachis
  2. Ethno, etc., instruments (other than shakuhachi)
  3. Misc. calculations for monograph C. G. Wassall's other fiddle--the 'country fiddle'--'CF'
  4. C. G. Wassall's violin--'CW' Fiddle spectrum shifts (effects of body resonances), AHB, spring 1986
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