The Arthur H. Benade Archive

The Arthur H. Benade Archive contains research files, correspondence, published and unpublished writings, and other material from the Benade estate. A. H. Benade (1925-1987) was a physicist whose work focused especially on the acoustics of woodwind and brass instruments. He excelled in both experiment and theory. The Acoustical Society of America awarded him its Silver Medal (for musical acoustics) and its Gold Medal (for overall excellence in acoustics). His entire career (1952-1987) was spent as a professor at Case Institute of Technology/Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.

* Biography
A brief biography of A. H. Benade

* Writings
List of Benade's writings on acoustics, both published (books, papers, and abstracts) and unpublished, including privately circulated papers, book chapters, outlines of talks, and slides made to illustrate lectures

* Research Files
Descriptions of files containing research data, measurements, calculations, and theory

* Correspondence
Details of correspondence on acoustics-related subjects between Benade and scientists, engineers, musicians, and instrument makers