The John Backus Archive

File Contents

B1270 - 101

Correspondence:(42 from 1963-1990) involving mainly Backus and Carleen M. Hutchins (many conerning revisions to the string chapter of the second edition of his book).  One piece involving Mrs. Saunders (Margaret T). Latest with Trisha & Robin Lamkie, daughter & son-in-law.

B1270 - 102

Miscellaneous:(9) Dust jacket of 1st edition of Backus' book; newspaper articles on his activities; Christmas cards to Carleen M. Hutchins; Brochure on ocarinas by Susan Rawcliffe (Music in Clay).

B1270 - 103

Technical papers (17 from 1960-1978) most abstracted by Backus; also detailed comments by Carleen M. Hutchins for the revision of Backus' book.

B1270 - 104

Miscellaneous: ASA Silver Medal Award materials & Obituary notices

Personal Files Received from Backus Estate

1.) Book Revisions

2.) Book Problem Sets

3.) Brass Instruments

4.) Fingering Charts

5.) File regarding paper "Resonance Frequencies of the Clarinet (1967)," including revision correspondences.

6.) Laboratory Notebooks: Acoustics III, IV, V, VI, VII and Acoustics Calculations III, IV.

7.) Patent file regarding "Synthetic Woodwind Instrument Reed", including licensing agreement with Key Concepts, Inc.