2023: A SLOrker's Guide to Computer Music

SAT JUN 10, 6:45PM / 7:30PM PDT

6:45pm: Pre-concert talk | "Instrument Design in the Laptop Orchestra" by Ge Wang, Director

7:30pm: Concert


The orchestra is plugged in, sound checked, and code debugged (mostly).

The Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) returns to Bing Concert Hall for its annual Spring Concert. You are warmly invited to an evening of new musical works at the intersections of humans, computers, hemispherical speaker arrays, new instruments, and novel sonic spaces.

featuring works and performances by
Analiese Bancroft | Celeste Betancur | Kelly Cochran | Dominic DeMarco | Terry Feng | Abhinav Garg | Max Jardetzky | Donghun Daniel Kim | Soohyun Kim | Yikai Li | Tristan Peng | Daniel Rebelsky | Connor Settle

Matt Wright, Marise van Zyl, co-directors
Ge Wang, director

learn more about SLOrk:
history, media, selected works

read photo comic:
"The Birth and Rise of the Laptop Orchestra" (pdf) from Artful Design

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