Intellectual Impropriety: Electronic Music Composition Workshop (Summer 2010)

Description: This is an exploratory course on the composition of experimental electronic music. Specifically, the goal of this five-day workshop is to give students a basic practical understanding of select tools and techniques for the composition of sample-based electroacoustic music. Sampling will be discussed in its widest possible musical definition (including how it may change the nature of musical creativity and how it relates to politics). The workshop is of an experimental nature: departing from your own musical background, you will be encouraged to creatively question underlying musical assumptions and to explore original (!) ways of composing music through the use of existing music.  

This workshop is intended for
: beginners to intermediate level students. You don't have to have any prior experience with the software mentioned above. No music theory background necessary.

Workshop structure: The schedule will be organized around morning lectures and afternoon lab sessions. You work at your own workstations, complete hands-on exercises, and get personal attention to help with your questions. You will have access to two of CCRMA's state-of-the-art composition studios. By the end of the workshop you will have a solid understanding of the fundamental operations of Audacity (sound editor), Ardour (digital audio workstation) and Pd and/or MaxMSP (graphical programming languages). You will use these programs to create a very short composition which will be presented at the end of the week. No need to bring your own laptop, although you're welcome to if you like (please note that we won't have time to help you install any software on it, so if you plan to work on your own laptop, make sure you have all necessary installations done beforehand).  

Keywords: Audacity, Ardour, Plugins, Pd, MaxMSP, Montage and Collage techniques, Concatenative Synthesis, Sampling, Concrete Music, Plunderphonics, Intellectual Property, Electronic Music, Electroacoustic Music, Acousmatics, Musical Borrowing, Composition.