FTS Documentation Online

The whole FTS documentation is now provided in the HTML format, and can be read using your favorite WWW browser; the very last version of the documentation is also kept in the Ircam Web Site.

If you prefer printed documentation, you can print the html documents using the html2ps program by Jan Karrman, available from ftp://ftp.tdb.uu.se/pub/sources/html2ps/.

FTS Release Notes

The latest release (1.5.0) introduce dynamic loading for user objects, some new object library and a small number of changes and bug fixes, including a MIDI related fix; see the 1.5.0 release notes. The previous release (1.4.0) introduce a small number of new functionalities, like a list processing object library, a first implementation of error handling at the patch level, MIDI time code support at the system level, better builtin compatibility with the Max 0.26 release, and better support for machine specific configuration information; see the 1.4.0 release notes. You can also consult he relase notes for release 1.3.16 for more information on recent changes, or older release notes that are still in text only format.

FTS Installation Instructions

Installation instructions have not yet been converted to HTML, and are not very user friendly, yet; they come in two flavors, for the Sgi platform, and for the ISPW platform.

FTS User Documentation

Most of the documentation is based on the Max 0.26 release for the ISPW; as a results, some of the new features of FTS are not (yet) documented, and there may still be some minor inconsistency between the documentation and the implementation; consult the release notes for more recent and detailed information.

A Max/Fts Primer
An introduction to the Max/Fts visual programming language.

A Control Objects Tutorial
The documentation for the control objects tutorials; you can find the control tutorial patches in the doc/tutorials directory of the distribution.

A Signal Objects Tutorial
The documentation for the signal objects tutorials; you can find the signal tutorial patches in the doc/tutorials directory of the distribution.

The Object Reference Manual
A reference manual for the Fts builtin object library.

UCS User Manual
The User Manual of UCS, the FTS Uniform Configuration System For more documentation on UCS, look also at the ucs object help patch.

Fts Configuration Tools
Some more information on the configuration tools.

FTS Object Programmer Documentation

Message System Programming Guide
A guide for writing FTS objects.

DSP Programming Guide
A guide for writing FTS objects doing DSP.

FTS Basic Tools Programmer Documentation

C Programming Style Guide
The C programming style guide used by the FTS team;
code aimed to be included in Ircam distributions of FTS need to follow this style guide.

Kernel Reference Manual
The Reference Manual of the FTS kernel

Vector Function Library Reference Manual
The array and vector processing functions of FTS.

FTS Client Programmer Documentation

The FTS C client library reference manual
How to write a client that can connect and comunicate with the FTS server.

Networking FTS, Linking FTS, Multiple Clients

Some points have not been yet fully documented; in particular, the static linking of external objects and the use of the fts thru a network and in multiclient situations are documented in a number a small text format documents.