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for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
CCRMA Guest Network.

       The Guest Network allows CCRMA users to connect their laptop or other portable to the internet at high speed, but protects it from the many security threats lurking out there in cyberspace. It also protects the CCRMA network from any user's laptop which may have a virus or other compromise. A one-time registration will allow your machine to connect to the internet whenever you plug it in to the guest network, in any operating system. Note that registration is by device, so you will need to register once for wired access and once again for wireless access.

       The Guest Network also allows you to print from your own laptop to the CCRMA printers from your favorite programs. It's currently working with all versions of Mac OS, and all versions of Windows. Wireless printing by appletalk is not currently available. Wireless Mac users can use the wired guestnet to print.

       Wired and wireless guestnet are available all over CCRMA. There are wireless access points in the trailer, the classroom, and the ballroom. Coverage will depend on your distance from the access points and the density of objects in between.       

To use the guest network, follow these six easy steps.

To configure printing, click here.