SoundWIRE research group at CCRMA, Stanford University is concerned with the use of Internet networks as an extension to computer music performance, composition and research.


RPI Long term Music Collaboration

Since the Fall of 2006, SoundWIRE has been rehearsing weekly with Pauline Olivero's Tintinnabulate ensemble at RPI. This has been a long term musical collaboration using Jacktrip as the audio streaming software, and iChat for video. We use 8-Channel bidirectional audio at CD quality on each rehearsals.

Tintinnabulate include several acoustic and electronic instruments. Empirical experimentation on best monitoring practices on both sides show that the analog side is an indispensable factor on the quality of the sound and performance.

Cynthia Payne UCSC ensamble joined the weekly rehearsals in the begining of 2007.

4-way Internet Concert in Chicago/NY/Santa Cruz/Stanford

100Meetings.JPGWe presented the first 4-way concert, “100 Meeting Places”, involving four venues across the United States on March 22th, 2007 (Concert Program [pdf]).

Chicago's Weave Soundpainting Orchestra joined the other 3 locations, Pauline Oliveros' Tintinabulate Ensemble in NY, Cynthia Payne's Ensemble in UCSC, and the SOUNDWire Group at CCRMA.

“100 Meeting Places” Media:

  • Chicago photo gallery of the concert.
  • More photos, videos and audio will be avialable soon.

The following screenshot shows Juan-Pablo Caceres's machine connecting all the locations during the concert.