SoundWIRE research group at CCRMA, Stanford University is concerned with the use of Internet networks as an extension to computer music performance, composition and research.

SoundWIRE Group at CCRMA

ICMC 2009 Best Paper Award Winner

We just learned that our latest paper for the upcoming 2009 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2009) in Montreal was selected as the winner of the 2009 Journal of New Music Research Best Paper Award of the conference.

JackTrip now hosted at Google Code

We decided to move JackTrip to Googe Code. You can find it here now.

JackTrip 1.0.1 Alpha Released

There's a new release of JackTrip available for download at: here

What's new?

  • (added) jamlink mode to connect with jamlink boxes
  • (fixed) thread priority in both Linux and Mac OS X (still need some work on the Mac OS X version)
  • (fixed) Bug that was causing plug-ins not to behave correctly
  • (added) Loopback mode
  • (added) Underrun Modes: Wavetable (default) and set to zeros
  • (added) Check for peer audio settings, program exists if they don't match
  • (added) Automatically connect ports to available physical audio interface.

I also uploaded a first pass on the website with some documentation, and the complete API:

If someone is interested (or know who may be) in working on a nicer documentation, please let me know.

What to expect in the next release?

  • Connection to our Audio Ping Server
  • UDP redundancy
  • Maye a first pass on TCP.

There are a lot of other stuff to do, so developers are welcome!

JackTrip 1.0 Alpha 1 Released on Sourceforge

A new version of JackTrip is being developed and an alpha release is available at Sourceforge:
This new release works not only on Linux but also on Mac OS X. It'll see a lot of improvements in the next following weeks. In the meantime, all the development is happening in the subversion repository that you can access from the same Sourceforge webpage. If you want to keep up with the last development release, just keep updating your svn copy.

Also, some of you have manifested interest in having a jacktrip mailing list: it has also been created. If you want to subscribe, please follow this link: jacktrip-devel mailing list. We'll just have one list in the beginning (jacktrip-devel) where development and user related issues may be discussed. In the future, if this grows out of control ;) we'll create a separate jacktrip-users list. Please note that this release is still in alpha, but you'll see lots of activity in the next weeks. We are aiming for a final 1.0 release no later than a month from now. Please don't hesitate to contacting me if you have further question, or subscribe to the mailing list to keep discussing tech and musical issues related to JackTrip and network performance in general.

ANET Summit II - Music for Teleconcerts
April 11-13, 2008, Banff Centre.

The upcoming summit meeting of Audio over Networks at the Banff Centre for the Arts is a second installment and focuses on music being made over distance. In 2004, we addressed technical challenges. This time it's about all that's happened since: the jam sessions, new compositions, classical music and much more -- the content that's being created and performed in real time between remote locations. Summit participants are encouraged to present their recent and forthcoming projects. Intended as a forum for ideas, we hope it will produce a "read out" on the current state of the art.

The three-day meeting features panels, live demos and open discussions. The Banff Centre's meeting areas, high-speed network, studios and concert hall are well-equipped to support the range of projects expected. Discussions are panel and workshop style. Anything that amplifies the theme is of interest. Inclusiveness is a goal of the organizers: hi-tech, lo-tech, video, haptics, and anything related. If it helps collect experiences on how music played interactively over the network differs, it is of interest. The proposition that these new stages lead to new forms will be explored. Attendees are encouraged to propose pieces, jam sessions, and hands-on demos.

More information, including calendar can found at ANET Summit II.

Telematic Concert
November 16th, 2007- 5:30pm. CCRMA Stage.

The SoundWIRE ensemble Course@Stanford will perform a concert with Tintinnabulate at RPI (NY) and VistaMuse at UCSD. The program includes TeleCello Concerto, Water Naught and Three Ways (detailed program [PDF]).

There will be a live stream of the concert at Stay tuned!

New Online Jamming Course@Stanford started today

We just started a new course at CCRMA (Music 158) of online improvised performance and composition. The complete description is in the course section of this page.

We have are going to have around 20 students performing all sorts of electronics/laptops and acoustic instruments and a couple of concerts by mid-November so the course looks very promising and challenging at the same time. Next week is the first rehearsal with RPI in NY and probably also musicians at UCSD and UCSC.

JMess: A New Software/Utility to save audio connections in Jack

I posted in the software section of this page a new utility (JMess) to save audio connections. Basically you can save all your audio routings (in qjackctl for example) in a file, and then load it automatically, something that we needed especially for more-than-two-sites collaboration, where a jack setup looks like spaguetti.

ICAD + Culture&Technology Concerts

We are going to have two online concerts on June 26, 2007.

The first one (3pm PST) is part of the ICAD 2007 conference. It's going to involve four locations and two ensembles, Tintinabulate and SoundWIRE. Tintinabulate will be located at RPI at Troy, NY and McGill at Montreal, Canada. SoundWIRE will be at CCRMA, Stanford (Juan-Pablo Caceres in Synth+laptop) and Seoul, Korea (Chris Chafe in Celleto). The program of the conference can be found here.

The second one (5:15pm PST) will be a duo between Chris (Seoul) and Juan-Pablo (Stanford). This is part of the International Symposium on Culture and Technology 2007. The program of the conference can be found here.

4-way Internet Concert in Chicago/NY/Santa Cruz/Stanford
“100 Meeting Places”, March 22nd, 2007- 5pm. CCRMA Stage.

We will have a 4-way concert that will involve four venues across the United States:

Performing ensembles are the Weave Soundpainting Orchestra in Chicago, Pauline Oliveros' Tintinabulate Ensemble in NY, Cynthia Payne's Ensemble in UCSC, and the SOUNDWire Group at CCRMA (including Chris Chafe's 4-channel Celleto).

This is the first 4-way concert done by the SoundWIRE Group. The audio streaming will use exclusively JackTrip. We will use 4 channels of audio at CD quality.

More info at: