SEM Sounds (2015)
by Madeline Huberth

Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)
SLOrktastic Chamber Music, CCRMA Stage
Stanford University, April 2015

score | code (ChucK) | recording (mp3)

Program Notes
Inspired by the long-running study "Strong Experiences with Music" (SEM) by Alf Gabrielsson and Roy Bradbury, this piece represents a few aspects of our collective "strong" musical experiences -- for example, that for many, they tend to occur during our youth and in some cases, during early childhood. The piece includes time-stretched samples of songs and classical pieces specifically cited as creating a "strong" experience for one or more participants in the SEM study. Moving between the background and the foreground of the piece's texture and tying the piece together is a hand-crafted, bright, playful loop.

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