Breeze in C (2018)
by Doga Cavdir and Juan Sierra

Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)
SLOrktastic Chamber Music, CCRMA Stage
Stanford University, May 2018

score (pdf) | source code (ChucK) | paper (pdf)

Program Notes
Breeze in C explores the relationship between ensemble members by distributing performance tasks among one conductor, four performers and a soloist. It is written in three sections; granular sythesis, harmony, and return back to granulation. The conductor is responsible for unifying the performers, setting the tempo, and shaping the overall sound. Apart from directing in more traditional ways, the conductor also directly controls instruments' presnece in the performance. While performers can manipilate the timbre of their instruments, the soloist plays independedntly, exploring new aesthetic dimensions.
In this piece, two physical laptop instruments are introduced; Taptops and Armtops. Ensemble members and the conductor perform with Taptops while the soloist explores the physicality that Armtop offers.

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