Aura (2019)
by Kunwoo Kim

Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk)
2019: A SLOrk Odyssey, Bing Concert Hall
Stanford University, June 2019

score (pdf) | source code (zip, ChucK)

Program Notes
This piece embodies human qualities that are not subject to what or how, but why. We cannot endemically pinpoint these holistic traits, yet we can discover them with our third eye. As human relationships become established, our auras blend, harmonize, and remain as memories. Aura uses SLOrk musical lanterns (SLanterns) with accelerometers that communicate with ChucK via WiFi to control music, light, and colors.

The piece starts with one person calling for other people to voice in. Each joins with his or her individual color, but as the group builds up harmony, the lights blend from their closest to the furthest. At the apex of the piece, the group focus their sound and light towards the core, progressing through individual colors as a group and enriching the harmonies with different timbres. At last, the members physically part ways, yet leaving behind their aura that perpetuates in gradations of individual colors.

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