Stanford Laptop Orchestra
Building Marathon 2008.4.2

The Stanford Laptop Orchestra engages in an insanely productive building marathon:


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driver-team, measure/cut/strip/solder

Kayla, David, Jieun, Juhan, (off camera: Max, Jason, Gina):
140+ wires segments measure/cut/strip...

then solder...

onto 120+ speaker drivers

note the "done" seal of approval

a hard day's work

amp-team, unscrew/disassemble/rewire/assemble/QA

Meanwhile, gatherin' in the MaxLab: H-dizzle, Diana, Luke (Q/A!), Kyle,
(off camera: Nick, Steinunn, Jieun, Adnan)

Jieun and Kyle: disassembling Sonic Impact Gen 2 stereo T-amp...

cut, connect, strip, stack, test

21 6-channels amp ready to go!

scouting-team, scope/search for power outlet/walk/ponder/schedule

Meanwhile, Chryssie and Ge scope out Lake L., find power outlet

the beach

Papau New Guinea Sculpture Garden (Chris's excellent suggestion): this place is sublime, click to see high resolution image, watch video

possible place for sub-slork deployment...

stanford -> impeccable groundskeeping

Rob, Chryssie brainstorming...

slork chain in the corridor?

high traffic area, hmm...

sand-team, sanding/routing/uh gluing

Later that night, Reed and Ge storm the Art/Sculpture Studio; Reed's impromptattoo...

after the sanding comes the routing

Reed is a madman