Music 154 Spring 2011 - Listening Blog

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Music 154 Spring 2011 - Listening Blog

Submit here your listening reports for Music 154 (Spring 2011).
Your report should be based on the listening of a piece in its entirety. We will have weekly listening sessions at CCRMA to give you opportunities to listen to entire pieces in a focused listening environment. Alternatively, one of your listening reports may be based on one of the recommended concerts that you may attend during this quarter.

Post your text here as a 'comment' under the corresponding post for the assignment.
Make sure to include the following basic information on the header of your text:

Title of the piece:
Year of composition:
Name of composer:
Name of performer (if any):

Instructor: Bruno Ruviaro (ruviaro at stanford)
TA: Leah Reid (leahreid at stanford)
When: Mondays, 3:15-5:05pm, Spring 2011
Where: Knoll 217 (CCRMA Classroom)

Click here to visit the class website.
Click here to check out the playlists of previous listening sessions, and the dates of upcoming ones.


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