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"The DIY Orchestra of the Future"
talk, May 2014
ISSE grand opening! (initial release)
an interactive source separation editor
ChucK/miniAudicle release 1.3
research + development keeps on chuckin'
a BooK on ChucK | a MOOC on ChucK
a great time to learn to ChucK

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about M:C:D

The Music, Computing, and Design (MCD) research group, led by faculty member Ge Wang of CCRMA at Stanford University, aims to conduct cutting-edge, artful, and impact-producing research in computer music, including in (but not exclusive to) the following areas:

  • artful design of software systems for computer music (of all types and sizes)
  • programming languages and interactive environments (ChucK, miniAudicle, ISSE, sndpeek)
  • social, cognitive, human aspects of music and computing (Jieun's thesis work | lolol, pdf)
  • mobile music / social music (e.g., mobile phone orchestra: MoPhO, MoMu, Ocarina, Smule)
  • software interfaces / interaction paradigms for composition, performance, and education
  • computer-mediated performance ensembles + paradigms (e.g., laptop orchestras: SLOrk)
  • music information retrieval (ISSE)
  • education at the intersection of computer sicence and music
  • We enthusiastically invite students, faculty, researchers, composers, and collaborators to join! Please contact Ge for more information, with questions, or anything else. Thanks!

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