The three percussion instruments used in the performance of kangen music are shôkô, taiko, and kakkoThe shôkô is a small gong of about 15cm in diameter (6 inches). It is suspended in a lacquered stand, and is hit with either wood or stone mallets.



Figure 1





Wood mallets

Stone mallets

Figure 2


Figure 3 shows the spectral analysis of the shôko hit with wood (in blue) and stone (in red) mallets. It suggests that there is almost not much difference in the sound quality between the two striking methods.

Comparison between the attack of the shôko

with wood (in blue) and stone (in red) mallets

Figure 3



The shôko has two types of attack: a single one made by either the left or right hand, and a double attack where the left hand strikes first followed by the right hand attack. In both cases, the mallet rests on the instrument after the last stroke.



Right hand attack

Left hand attack

Double attack



Stone mallet


Wood mallet


Stone mallets



Wood mallets

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