Vocal Instrument and Vocal Controller

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 4:30pm
Knoll 217 Classroom
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DSP Seminar
MST student Sean Zhang and Professor Jonathan Abel are giving a lecture about the concept of DSP based Vocal Instrument and Vocal Controller.

The human voice is the most amazing acoustic system, which is unique for different people, yet has lots of aspects in common. Because of the complexity of its acoustic characteristic, lots of information are retrievable from it. These information consists of several basic degrees of freedom. The DSP method of vocal instruments is to retrieve those acoustic information from microphone or special designed sound pressure or air sensor, and use the acoustic or parameter dynamic information as source or controlling signal for afterward signal processing or synthesis. Human has tremendous adaptability for external systems, therefore, the vocal signal and combination of freedom controlled by human voice varies much after training. Yet the system is originally designed to be easy to get start with.
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