Roy Pertchik: The Tri-Chromatic Keyboard and the Symmetry of Music

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 5:15pm - 6:30pm
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A highly symmetrical musical keyboard and a small system of just a few new musical scales provide a powerful way to access a wide variety of musical harmony.  The keyboard is isomorphic, a "6+6" (all half steps), and is marked in 3 groups of diminished 3rd's (the 3 diminished chords.)  A very few scales based on the diminished chords are shown to produce a wide variety of harmony in a controlled way.  A few identities provide "tinker-toy" links between different scales and different keys, and allow for the construction of many familiar chord progressions as well as advanced harmonic substitutions.  The whole system includes binary selections at different levels, offering good handles for interface design.

Roy Pertchik, born 1955 in Brooklyn, NY, raised by artists in Roslyn, Long Island, and educated in Architecture at Cornell and Pratt Institute.  Roy has had a wide ranging architectural and design career spanning three decades of design and construction management of a variety of residential, hospitality, commercial and institutional projects, and a variety of industrial and product design projects.  He holds two US patents (Tri-Chromatic Keyboard; Folding Roof Framing system.)  


Roy’s design philosophy includes a “question all assumptions” point of departure, which he brought to his study of jazz harmony.  The result was a reformulation of music theory, and a way to access it via a new keyboard.


Roy has performed as a jazz vibist in a number of venues in New York City, New Orleans, Taos, Santa Fe, and San Francisco, and has devoted much of the last 15 years to the advancement of his musical research. 

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