Research Presentation/Artist Talk: A Show-and-Tell with Joachim Gossmann and Max Neupert

Thu, 07/18/2013 - 5:15pm - 6:30pm
CCRMA Classroom
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As researchers and artists we are engaged in the discourse between science, philosophy, engineering and creative practice. Our presentation will have three parts, each no longer than 10 minutes.

Preview of our research to be presented at the mmix/icme in San Jose: A Remix Instrument Based on Fragment Feature- Analysis. We present an innovative remix-instrument that allows to create music from a collection of audio-visual media fragments. A three-dimensional scatter plot derived from feature-analysis becomes a Theremin-inspired instrument that enables exploration, intuitive navigation and embodied performance of the media fragments on a granular level. As an example, we are using the audiovisual recording of an instrmental performance as source for interactive remix.

Our system provides an alternative interface to the musical instrument’s audiovisual corpus: as the instrument’s sound and behavior can be accessed in ways which are not possible on the original instrument, the resulting non-linear playback of the grains generates an instant remix in a cut-up aesthetic–a novel strategy to access and re-use media fragments in the domain of musical interfaces. 

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