Modeling and Perception of Virtual Auditory Space

Fri, 11/12/2010 - 3:15pm - 4:05pm
CCRMA Classroom, Knoll 217
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DSP Seminar
This week's DSP Seminar discusses spatial audio, and will be given by Rozenn Nicol, a research engineer at Orange Labs.  The seminar will be in the CCRMA classroom (Knoll 217), 2:15--3:05 PM this Friday, November 12.  Abstract follows.

Modeling and Perception of Virtual Auditory Space
Rozenn Nicol

Spatial Audio aims at creating a Virtual Auditory Space with virtual sound sources that the listener can localize all around him/her. Various technologies are available to achieve this: some are based on loudspeaker playback (stereo, 5.1, Wave Field Synthesis, Higher Order Ambisonics...), and some others are based on headphone rendering (binaural). However for the development and optimization of all of these approaches, the perception of spatial sound need to be understood and assessed. All of these issues have been my main area of research for the past 10 years. The presentation will give an overview of all of the above topics.

Rozenn Nicol received a Diploma of Engineering in physics and acoustics (CNAM) from the Ecole Louis Lumiere in 1995, a Master of Science degree from the University of Le Mans in 1996, and a Ph.D. degree in 1999. Her thesis is entitled “Sound Spatialization over an Extensive Area: Application to Telepresence and Videoconferencing.” Since 2000 she has been working as a research engineer in spatial audio at Orange Labs, an R&D department of France Telecom. Her work concerns mainly binaural synthesis, wave-field synthesis, and higher order Ambisonics. She takes part in the development and integration of sound spatialization technologies for spatial audio conferencing, audio enhancement, music or audiovisual content delivery, human computer interfaces, and virtual reality.

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