Martin Roth presents the Tannhäuser PD compiler

Wed, 05/28/2014 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm
CCRMA Classroom
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CCRMA welcomes Martin Roth to present his recent work on the Tannhäuser compiler for Pure Data, as well as his unique perspective on creating mobile interactive music software powered by PD with RjDj.

Martin Roth is a normal, everyday guy who likes to mess around with low-level audio. He lives out this very one-dimensional existence as a digital nomad, never knowing where he’s going, and rarely remembering where he’s been. No one asks too many questions when you travel on Swiss passport. There was this one time though that he was CTO at Reality Jockey (RjDj) in London (not Canada) making interactive music apps. There was this other time too that he was a software engineer at Google making web apps, earning the dubious title of “UI King”. But we don’t talk about that much anymore. But before that he was a research scientist at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories in Berlin. That was pretty rad. Of course, all of this started when he spent just a little bit too much time in school, and Cornell University gave him a PhD in mobile wireless ad-hoc networks and told him that he couldn’t stay any longer. Them’s the breaks, kids.

This talk will present the Tannhäuser compiler for the Pure Data (Pd) audio programming language. A brief history of the use of Pd to make interactive music is presented from the perspective of RjDj and its products. This history will motivate the development of Tannhäuser, showing how it works, workflows, and where we see the future development of interactive music. Basically, use Pd to make crazy musical experiences, use Tannhäuser to remove any technical hurdles to get it working on the device of your choice.

Tannhäuser is a web-based compiler for the Pure Dataaudio programming language. It generates optimised binaries for the platform and architecture of your choice. The resulting library can be easily integrated into any audio project.

* This talk is currently scheduled to be held in the CCRMA Classroom.

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