Laurel Trainor @ CCRMA Hearing Seminar - Auditory Development in Infants: From Perceiving Music to Social Behavior

Fri, 03/08/2013 - 1:15pm - 2:15pm
Knoll 3F seminar room
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Hearing Seminar
I will present behavioural and EEG studies showing that infants and young children acquire sensitivity to the pitch and rhythmic structures of the music in their environment without formal training, just as they learn the language in their environment.  I will then discuss the effects of musical training on brain and behaviour and show that such effects can be demonstrated in the first year after birth.  Next I will examine rhythm and the human ability to entrain movement to an auditory beat whether with tapping a finger or dancing with full body movement.  I will present data showing that auditory and motor systems interact in the brain and that these interactions are present early in development.  Finally, I will show that when two people move synchronously together to a musical beat, social affiliation between them is increased, and that even 14-month-old infants are more likely to help people with whom they have experienced synchronous movement.
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