The Eigenharp, Continuum and LinnStrument: Hands-on with three new musical instruments for the post-mechanical age

Thu, 05/05/2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Knoll Stage
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Guest Lecture
 There is a new crop of musical instruments that forgo the old world of wood, strings, brass, reeds and horsehair in favor of new high-resolution sensors, sensors that promise to capture the subtleties of performance gestures as well as or better than traditional instruments. Notable examples of these new instruments are the Eigenharp ( and the Continuum ( 
The Eigenharp will be demonstrated by Eigenlabs developer Geert Bevin and the Continuum will be demonstrated by bay area pianist Ed Goldfarb. The event will be moderated by Roger Linn, who will also demonstrate his LinnStrument prototype ( All three instruments share the unique ability to simultaneously track each finger's movement in the X, Y and Z (pressure) directions, but represent three different approaches to the challenge of creating a 21st century human interface for note selection.  
After the demonstrations, audience members are invited to play the instruments. Given that these instruments are otherwise unavailable to try out in the bay area, join us for a unique opportunity to learn about them and give them a test drive. 
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