CCRMA Colloquium - Listening Room: Space, the Final Frontier

Wed, 01/18/2012 - 5:15pm - 7:00pm
Listening Room (Knoll Rm 125)
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The Listening Room is a 3D studio with a 22 channel full range sound system, controlled through a custom mixing and routing application with an easy to use front end (OpenMixer). The Listening Room can be used as a computer music composition studio, to create or re-create other spatial environments (it is very dry), to record music or sounds (it is very quiet), or to create psychoacoustic experiments that need a controlled multi-channel environment. As a composition studio you can use its linux workstation to create or mix music, or connect your laptop (only one ethernet connection needed!) to address all 22 speakers individually, use panning techniques such as VBAP or use higher order Ambisonics with up to 3rd order full periphonic rendering (OpenMixer features a built-in Ambisonics decoder tuned to the room). We'll show all the room can do with examples (both code and music).   -- Fernando
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