CCRMA Colloquium: Chris Rogers - Exploring the Frontiers of Web Audio

Wed, 05/02/2012 - 5:15pm - 7:05pm
Knoll Classroom, Rm 216
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Exploring the Frontiers of Web Audio

The web platform is evolving at a lightening pace.  Advanced graphics APIs such as canvas2D, WebGL, and CSS3 animations, combined with new networking features such as Web Sockets, and gamepad controller APIs allow for a new generation of web-based games and interactive applications.  The Web Audio API works with these new features, adding into the mix more advanced audio processing and synthesis capabilities for music and games.  It's a flexible high-level JavaScript API taking a modular approach to audio processing.

Chris Rogers is a staff engineer at Google working on advanced web platform technologies.  Previously he's worked for Apple where he was a principal designer of the Audio Units plugin architecture, and developed many of the ones shipping on Mac OS X and iOS, including the AUMatrixReverb, and the AUTimePitch time-stretching algorithm.  He's also worked for Macromedia, Motorola, Wolfram Research, and IRCAM where he worked on SVP and developed the original AudioSculpt application.


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