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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003, 8 pm

New San Francisco Tape Music Center

A concert of new and classic works for tape, diffused live over CCRMA's new multichannel sound system:

Bernard Parmegiani - Sons/jeu [1987]
Jonty Harrison - Unsound Objects [1995]
Cliff Caruthers - Sleepwalk [1998]
ma++ ingalls - Scherzo [2002]
Thom Blum - Note from Patzcuaro [2003]
Max Mathews - Bicycle Built for Two [1961]
Pete Stollery - Onset/Offset [1996]
Walter Ruttman - Weekend [1930]
Ryoji Ikeda - C [1998]
Elainie Lillios - Dreams in the Desert [2001]

The New San Francisco Tape Music Center (NSFTMC) is dedicated to presenting performances of audioArt diffused through a surround-sound speaker environment. Knowingly taking the name [and model] of the 1960's San Francisco Tape Music Center, we recognize the [historic] Tape Music Center's [and others'] past contributions to electronic music while simultaneously looking [and listening] to the future.

NSFTMC ( is a collective consisting of Joseph Anderson, Thom Blum, Cliff Caruthers, Ma++ Ingalls, and Kent Jolly. Their bios follow:

Joseph Anderson (Dayton, Ohio, USA, 1970) has been employed as a sound recordist, a radio producer, and a surround sound mix engineer. He studied composition and computer music at the University of Texas at Austin with Karl Korte and Russell Pinkston. Following that, four years were spent in the UK as a member of the Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST). In June 2003, he was awarded a PhD from the University of Birmingham, where he studied with Jonty Harrison.

Recognitions have included a "Grand Prix" from the 1997 Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition for Change's Music, and he has been commissioned by organizations such as BBC Radio 3, and the UKs Society for the Promotion of New Music.

Returning to the United States in 1998, he currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is a member of Analog Devices' Audio Rendering Technology group.

Thom Blum (Columbus, Ohio, USA, 1954) has been composing electroacoustic music since 1972. His works have been presented in concerts, festivals and radio broadcasts internationally. Residing in San Francisco since 1978, he is co-founder of the International Computer Music Association, was an associate editor for Computer Music Journal, and has worked as a software engineer for LucasFilm/DroidWorks, a researcher and software architect for Yamaha Music Technologies, and is a co-founder of Muscle Fish, an audio signal processing and analysis company. He is a Lake Technology Artist.

Cliff Caruthers (Sycamore, Illinois, USA, 1969) has been composing electroacoustic and experimental music since 1995, continuing to search for direct relationships to ever complexifying technologies. The Nelson Atkins Museum of art featured his web-based sound environment Living in the Drum in 1997, and The Society for Electroacoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) presented the second movement of Killaloe Moon in 2000. An accomplished pianist and flutist, Mr. Caruthers is also the founding member and producer of Glacial Erratics, an improvisational group featuring a mix of electronic and original acoustic instrument constructions.

Recent work also includes sound design of For Each and Every Part, a radio drama based on the death of Anton von Webern. In addition to composing experimental music, Mr. Caruthers also works as a sound designer with theaters throughout the bay area, including Transparent Theater, Aurora Theatre Company, Theatreworks, Marin Theatre Company, ACT Conservatory, and the California Shakespeare Festival. Mr. Caruthers holds an MFA in Theater Sound Design from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

ma++ ingalls (Albuquerque, NM, 1970) is a clarinetist, composer, improviser, and computer musician from Oakland, California. His tape compositions have won such honors as the 1st Finalist in the Bourges Electroacoustic Competition [Categorie Humor - Puy 1994] and the First Annual ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission and Recording Prize [1996]. His computer music software [including a new version of Csound for macintosh and a new csound~ msp object] is available for download at

Kent Jolly (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 1970) received education in electronic music at the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 1994) and Mills College in Oakland (MFA 1996). He currently works professionally as a sound designer and composer.

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