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Tomato Music

Speed Ripening

Chris Chafe

A collaboration with Greg Niemeyer and Nick Hanselman presented at Machine Project Gallery, LA

for 15 channel playback (mixdown to 12 channels) and expanded stereo (4 channels)

Tomato Music and Speed Ripenning are two movements from Tomato Quintet, music from tomatoes in a sound art installation

Five vats of tomatoes were ripened for 10 days in the Tomato Quintet exhibition. Greg calls it a "New Media Still Life." During the ripening process music was generated in real time by computer algorithms influenced by CO2, temperature and light readings from sensors in each vat. After the ripening, time was sped up and new music created at different time scales. A stand-alone computer music piece, "Tomato Music," captures the spirit of the whole thing. At dinner time, a (human) trio accompanied one of the movements during the closing pasta-fest.

Movement I is derived from 4 1/2 days of 15 channels (5 x light, temp, CO2) mapped to many parameters of 15 hydraulis organs. Movement II has elements of the final "Speed Ripening," the final performed "Dinner Trio," and some larger number of hydraulis organs through which I piped some water sounds (from Greece) and some of the performers in the "Trio."