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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano (born in Buenos Aires, Argentina) received Master Degrees in Electronic Engineering (Faculty of Engineering, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Music (Carlos Lopez Buchardo National Conservatory, Buenos Aires). He has been working in the field of electroacoustic music since 1976 (instrument design, composition, performance). Also worked in industry for almost 10 years as a microprocessor hardware and software design engineer for embedded real-time systems and taught computer music at Keio Universiy, Japan. He created and maintains the Planet CCRMA at Home Open Source package collection of music and sound applications for Linux systems. Since 1993 he keeps computers and users at CCRMA happy (most of the time), teaches courses at CCRMA, makes music when time allows, and enjoys the company of good friends. His music has been released on CD and played in the Americas, Europe, and East Asia.