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Kitchen <-> Miniature(s)

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

for 24 channel 3D playback (mixdown to 12 2D channels)

A good quality sound recorder and a kitchen. Humanity tuned to common shapes and sizes that create shared resonances I have come to recognize everywhere there is a kitchen. These tightly chained miniatures explore a few of the many kitchen utensils and small appliances that I recorded (that is, anything that would fit with me inside my bedroom closet). Featured prominently through the piece is the mechanical timer of a toaster oven, as well as cookie sheets, plates, trivets, the klanging sound and inner resonances of the lid of a wok and many more kitchen instruments. More than 3000 lines of Common Lisp code are used to create large scale forms and detailed sound processing. Without Bill Schottstaedt's CLM (Common Lisp Music), Juan Pampin's ATS (Analysis, Transformation and Synthesis) and Rick Taube's Common Music this piece would not have existed. Grani (a granular synthesis software instrument) and other old software friends I have created over the years helped as well.