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Grading breakdown:

Discussion = 10%

1. Weekly class discussion
2. Leading a journal article discussion
3. A Game On Flash Talks

Take Home Essay Sets = 25%

Take Home Essays will be handed out each week. Class discussion / notes may be used to complete these sections. All should be completed and returned within 2 days of relevant seminars.

Lab Assignments = 30%

1. Matlab Signal Processing = 10%
2. Group Game Labs = 20%

Labs will be completed across 1 week. Students must email the links to two videos. One of them demoing the assignment and one of a playtest for each week. Email both Poppy and Nolan. Students can present their work at the lab session the following week if they choose.

Final Project = 35%

Required Text:

Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing, Brian Moore

The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses, Jesse Schnell

Outside opportunties

Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society Conference is March 15-17 at USC and UCLA.

Possible grant from the NIH. Ask Poppy about SBIR if you are curious.