Due to the unusual timing for Lab 2 and the fact that we’ll be playing your Sonified Pong games on Friday before regular office hours later Friday or on Monday, I’ll be holding unofficial office hours Wednesday and Thursday this week. ‘Unofficial’ means I’ll be working at CCRMA between 5 and 7 PM both nights, and you are welcome to come by to work on Lab 2 and get help if you need it. If your CCRMA account has not been activated by then, you can also come by and I can log you into a CCRMA machine so you can work on your Matlab assignment. As I mentioned in class, the Matlab portion isn’t due until next Tuesday when you submit your videos, and I fully expect accounts should be fully up and running by the end of the week, but you will need to use Matlab-generated audio samples in your Pong game, so at least some of your group members will need to complete the Matlab assignment so you can generate sounds to use in your game in time to have it ready for Friday’s GamePlay.


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